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The city spoke. We listened.

Thanks to the voice of our customers, what once was a landfill off I-65 is now the site of Nashville’s first community solar park that includes 17,020 panels, available to participating customers, marking an important step in offering clean, efficient, maintenance-free energy.

Music City Solar Timelapse

On August 1, 2018, Nashville’s first community solar park went live. Music City Solar connects clean, renewable energy to the power grid. Watch this video to see how it all came together - from groundbreaking to completion.

Solar Power Stats


Customer Leased Solar Panels


Total KwH generated


Solar Angel Donated Solar Panels


Remaining Panels Available

The power of community.

At its core, Music City Solar is all about the NES customer. Nashville is moving rapidly into the future and as a public utility, we want to make sure we are offering choices and opportunities that align with the city’s growth and needs. Solar energy is a part of that.

On a daily basis, the sun produces an infinite amount of power. With this solar park, NES has the capability to harness and deliver clean, renewable energy to customers all across the city. This reduces carbon emissions and gives homeowners and renters alike the opportunity to purchase subscriptions to earn energy credits on their electric bills and keep Nashville moving in a positive environmental direction.

It also promotes true community. Customers can also make a solar angel donation that will provide energy assistance for low-income customers. Through solar or otherwise, when we all work together to help our neighbors, it’s going to be powerful.

A city that shines

Music City Solar does more than simply provide power. This is the city coming together to make Nashville an even better place to live and work. That’s why we’ve designed different ways to participate. Whether you give solar or go solar yourself, you’ll be taking part in something special—something that truly makes a difference.

Give Solar

You can purchase solar panel subscriptions to help others. Give the energy output to friends or family members as a credit on their monthly NES bill or make a tax-deductible solar angel donation that will go to provide energy assistance for low-income customers. Those funds are collected and distributed locally by The Community Foundation.

Go Solar

NES offers you the opportunity to purchase subscriptions to individual solar panels and receive an energy credit on your monthly bill through year 2038 as you do your part to sustain the planet’s future.